Evolution for Life


Daily, each of us has an impact on the environment all around us. The choices we make today influence the future that we will all share tomorrow. A Greener Kind of Clean has deviated from the pack in its decisions and business practices. The direction this company is going reflects its commitment to making choices appropriate for our future of our children and environment. We believe that public education on social and environmental issues is an important key to the health and prosperity of individuals and the community as a whole. One of our goals is to develop a skilled and knowledgeable team, able to introduce customers to environmentally safe cleaning habits and help our clients maintain these efforts between our visits. Acting on the belief that beneficial change can come through collective action, our company practices what we preach. Our success will be measured in customer and worker satisfaction, and by our effort in the development of a healthier home, work place, and planet. Financial success means paying the staff wages that express the dignity and degree of hard work and knowledge involved in this very import career, while maintaining competitive prices.


P.O. Box 554
Centerport,, New York 11721
United States

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