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We are Co-Creating an Ideal Collective Shared Marketplace


With every purchase we make we are making a choice that affects our planet and the people that inhabit it. We all want to do what is right, and we don't always have the time to do the research necessary to select truly sustainable companies we can trust. The Happy Town wants to be the search engine for such Ideal Collective Shared Marketplace. In order to bring this idea to life we need your help, your reviews, sharing your favorite resources so they can be shared with other members.

We joyfully continue to add new LISTINGS to this directory we are excited to share them with you, and continue adding categories.

We created this for YOU, please become a member, give us feedback, support your local stores by suggesting them to join us, we want you to co-create this Happy Town online, together!!!


Meet The Happy Town Founders

Will Rath

My experience of over thirty years with GREEN DISTRIBUTION, in cooperation with HEALING COMMUNICATIONS and CREATIVE DISTRIBUTION, has been to disseminate progressive advertising throughout the greater metropolitan area. As the Director at GREEN DISTRIBUTION my main goal has always been the focus of bringing alternative ideas and perspectives to the communities we serve. He sees THE HAPPY TOWN as an extension of this service.

In his words: "we make it easy and affordable to bring your message to this expanding demographic. Our distribution points include Libraries, Universities, Health Food Stores, Community Ceters, Banks, Gyms, Supermarkets, Coffee Shops,
and many other locations, as well as online and on social media. I hope you join us"



Lisa Zaccaria

Lisa is both a talented artist trained in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice Italy, as well as a Branding Expert with Master Studies at Forham University, New York. She has co-created THE HAPPY TOWN, with Will Rath, because of her passion for helping entrepreneurs craft a visually enticing image, as well as to giving them a greater audience so they may thrive.
Links to learn more about her Branding Company: THE BRANDING STUDIO and her Art & Mural Company: LISART STUDIO.

In her own words: "businesses that are clear about their brand and their messaging will grow organically and have longevity. I wish that all the brands that care about the triple bottom line (People, Planet, and Profits) will join THE HAPPY TOWN so that we may help them grow and in doing so knowing that with every dollar we spend on companies listed on this website,
we are making a difference in the world".